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Q&M Dental (SGX) dated 26 Nov 2021

The young Dr Ng Chin Siau, Q&M Dental Founder & CEO

Q&M Dental, Daily chart

Q&M Dental Group is the largest private dental healthcare group in Singapore with over 70 dental clinics located over Singapore.

With a record 17 new clinics opened in 2021, its record expansion in a year so far, this would be a possible growth driver on its revenue for FY2022. Average analysts' 12-months target price is around $0.80.

Charting wise, Q&M looks supported by 250-days Moving Average and price looks consolidating to form a bullish Ascending Triangle or Cup & Handle pattern. Short-term traders can either look for breakout above said patterns' resistance line at $0.62 or buying near the 250-days MA support, currently around $0.55. Support can be set at $0.50.

As usual, this writeup was broadcast to Clients on 26 Nov 2021 but posted here only on 30 Nov 2021.

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Chart: tradingview

Image: Photo courtesy of Q&M Dental Group, Singapore

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